EDEN wood recycling ltd is an emerging company, aiming to produce top-quality products from wood waste. Established in 2014, the company is already well-known in the construction and the municipal fields in Israel.


On 2016, EDEN was selected to participate in the SWITCHMED program. Nowadays we are developing and marketing outdoor public projects - combining industrial mulch and outdoor products, while operating wood waste recycling point.


Our next challenge scale-up production and is to marketing to of wood-waste recycled products. Israeli wood-waste market is estimated hundreds thousands tons/year.

We believe that the major recycling potential at present is panel board production -  bringing back this industry to Israel, after 18 years, this time on a recycled source version.


We have submitted recently to the Israel Innovation Authority an application for a grant for a R&D budget in order to develop and demonstrate semi-industrial production line of Particle Boards.



Our social goals are embedded in EDEN'S vision. We try to help co-existence between all sectors of our society in Israel, including Jews & Arabs, Secular and Religious – by day to day production and workshops

EDEN is now looking for cooperation with local and/or foreign companies and entrepreneurs to take part in a process of implementing large scale wood-waste recycling facility in Israel and abroad. We offer an opportunity to contribute in partnership, investment, knowledge or representation.



Ben Yavnieli, CEO



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